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tags: dnb, liquid, smooth, Plush Recordings, Mr, Explicit, Balistik, Utah, Jazz, Philadelphia, Sunrise

Philadelphia Sunrise

ARTIST(S): Mr Explicit, Balistik, Utah Jazz
GENRE: Drum & Bass, Liquid DnB
LABEL: Plush Recordings
RELEASE DATE: Oct, 18 2011

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- Redeye Records (United Kingdom)
- Triple Vision (Netherlands)
- HAB(Germany)

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A majestic piece of music, "Philadelphia Sunrise" is a warm melody-laden liquid-roller full of uplifting vibes and complete with a deep remix treatment on the b-side from Luke Wilson a/k/a "Utah Jazz".

Original Mix (A) by Peter Symon a/k/a "Mr Explicit" and Steve Cossey a/k/a "Balistik" is well-rounded, thoughtful, and lined with rich brass instruments and soothing key instrumentation.
Who's on this release:

Mr Explicit
Utah Jazz

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