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Engage / Creep

by Altered Perception on Plush Recordings

tags: Plush Recordings, Altered, Perception, Engage, Creep

Sam, Altered Perception, returns to PLUSH with 2 techy DnB tracks with rhythms set to keep the dance moving. Support the label and artists direct at // Mastering by sappo at / Distributed by

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Who's on this release:

Altered Perception

Available as lossless WAV, 320kbps 44.1kHz Joint Stereo and other formats.

GENRE: Drum & Bass
LABEL: Plush Recordings
RELEASE DATE: Nov, 23 2015


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Soundcloud (track - Engage)
Soundcloud (track - Creep)
YouTube (track - Engage)
YouTube (track - Creep)