Echo Inada has been around for some time but after his new tune "Breathe" was picked up by Hospital Records and featured in their weekly podcast a huge buzz about his music was created. His warm melodies and vocal composition has captured the interest of the soulful drum and bass scene, and for good reason. His talents have been overlooked until now and we at Plush are proud to say we were there with him at the beginning (in the DnbRadio broadcast days). Now some very high expectations have been set for Echo Inada, and we feel they will be lived up to and are well deserved! These two tracks are two of many that represent his sound and the the future sound of soulful drum and bass music.
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This Is How I Feel / Rain

Echo Inada

Plush Recordings | PLUSH011D
GENRE: Drum & Bass, Liquid DNB
RELEASED: 2010-09-30 00:00:00


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