PLUSH proudly present 'The Neft' Russian duo Dmitriy Svirgunov and Ilya Gadaev. They have been producing together for 2 years now. Their first release 'Breaking the Waves' is a result of their collaboration with another Russian producer, Ilya Kasharokov aka 'Ellipse' and marks their debut release for Plush. 'Breaking the Waves' has a heady atmospheric intro, reminiscent of drifting through an industrial jungle underworld. A backdrop set with metallic pan pipes. Though the pipes sound as though they're beaten and not blown. Their etherial breaks lead you to waves of lush beats, building tempo. Trailing off with the sub bass beating the heartbeat of this etherial dream. Leaving you breathless wanting more. Their second song by The Neft called 'Miracle' the b side of 'Breaking the waves' does not disappoint. Although has the same sounds and effects used to the beats the feel of the song is different. Electrical wind up to an inviting rolling break into the imaginative use of vocals. Good use of sounds and effects fusing the lyrics to become part of the beats. Electro breaks sweeping you up and leading you gently to the pulsating build up. Each drop and verse becoming more intense with a greater sense of urgency. This imaginative second track from this Russian duo leaves us looking forward to hearing how they developed as artists. Promises of much more musical goodness from The Neft in the future!

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℗ 2012 Plush Recordings
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The Neft & Ellipse

Plush Recordings | PLUSH037D
GENRE: Dubstep, Dubstep
RELEASED: 2012-02-02


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