Dreamy, ethereal D&B here from Self Definition on the Plush imprint. "Lost Land" is all shuffling beats and hissing hats, clicking and clapping with swathes of heavy atmospheric sweeps over the top like a weighty storm. The bassline undulates below like lapping waves and cooing instrumentals dance a-top. "Incognitus" (feat. Yankowsky) is all panpipes, spaced out SFX and oriental atmospheres, with a whispering vocal element and pattering breaks. Tripped out, blissed out D&B here with a difference.

© 2012 Plush Recordings

℗ 2012 Plush Recordings
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Lost Land / Incognitus

Self Definition

Plush Recordings | PLUSH035D
GENRE: Atmospheric DNB, Drum & Bass
RELEASED: 2012-01-11


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